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Brand: Veiik Model: Coil
Resistance: 0.6 ohmCount: 5 PiecesDedicated to shisha flavors..
S.R 85
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Brand: Veiik Model: POD
Pod VEIIK Airo CigarFeatures & Specifications:IPod packing kitElectronic liquid capacity: 2.0 mlResistance: 1.2 ohmQuantity: 2 pcs..
S.R 70
Ex Tax:S.R 70
Brand: Veiik Model: POD SYSTEMS
Airo Kit from VEIIKOne of the most luxurious electronic cigarette systems that operate on the iPodIt comes with a luxurious leather cover in very attractive colorsAn air sensor to give a gradient of evaporation power according to the strength of the drawingA 360mah batteryLarge iPod with 2ml capacit..
S.R 190 S.R 200
Ex Tax:S.R 190
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